Riverside's Manipulation of Korean American History

Most of what is coming out of UC Riverside Young Oak Kim Studies Center is not accurate and is misleading. There is an attempt to suck Dosan into this Center. It is wrong. UC Riverside and the City of Riverside are using Dosan and Korean American history to build student enrollment of Koreans from Gangnam and the Korean American community. And, they are trying to create a "tourist trap".  

I will do my best to stop detrimental developments. because what is going on is wrong.

Presenting bad information is a widespread problem. After reviewing the San Francisco Korean American Museum website, their English information reflects extremely poor historical research and concept of immigration, too. I'm afraid to ask someone to translate Korean.

Establishing Pachappa as more than a migrant farm labor camp is wrong. They are using Dosan and my grandmother and disrespecting their legacy. For example, part of the argument from UC Riverside claims Dosan was in Riverside continuously from 1904-1907 and 1911-1913. I went through my family information - which is published along with Korean historical information - and put together the timeline attached below.

Dosan was in Riverside March 1904 to April 1905. He was hardly in Riverside after he left to go to SF in April of 1905. He left for Korea Jan 1907. He was gone 4 years.

He was in SF more than Riverside between 1911 and 1913.

Riverside claims Yi Hye Ryon (halmoni) lived in Riverside straight from 1905 to 1913 - doesn't look like that's right either.

Not one Independence Movement organization had it's HQ in Riverside. Almost ALL were in San Francisco. 

Ed Chang is a UC professor - how? He is making up facts with financial support of Dr. Mike Myung Ki Hong.

Most Korean American History and Asian American studies professors are not qualified to teach Korean American Pioneer Generation or Dosan history. They do not know the fundamentals of the Korean Independence Movement in Korea and here. There are a few who know a reasonable amount. However, these scholars allowed the Centennial of Korean Immigration and Korean American Day to be established on false Korean and American history. So, there is a lot wrong in educating anyone interested. Revisionism is happening at an alarming rate. This has to stop.

If the professors and institutions and governments are not educating people with the truth - how do you expect students to learn something worthy of their time? Too many people are believing and quoting bad information.

Ever wonder why the Comfort Women issue has taken so long... improper education allowing people to avoid the truth should be one of the first things that comes to mind.

"History is not history unless it is the truth." Abraham Lincoln.

"Some times the tolerant person is worse than the wrong doer." Dosan

Flip Cuddy