Deception, Censorship, & Lies in the Korean Community

Historical perspectives of scholars in Korea are in need of a better understanding of what happened in America during the Independence Movement. Most of the Korean American scholars have a limited understanding of Dosan and what happened in Asia during the Colonial Period. Therefore, this era of history is not taught very well in Korea and here. There are many reasons that contribute to the problems of learning accurate history.

The Korean and US governments have censored many sources of information - as much as Japan has done to hide the truth. Right now, South Korea is in the hands of the families of chinilpa (Japanese collaborators) who were protected by US government. Censorship is a big problem affecting learning the truth.

Here is an example. US Congress passed a resolution to have Korean American Day set on January 13 based on Korean immigration to Hawaii in 1903 and the bogus Centennial of 2003. American businessmen and Korean puppets of American missionaries in Korea broke the immigration laws in 1902 to bring the large wave of Korean " contract laborers" to Hawaii to break the Japanese workers' strike. Dr. Wayne Patterson (Korean Frontier in America - Immigration to Hawaii 1896-1910) clearly shows the illegal nature and the conscious manipulation of politicians and laws allowing this deceptive venture to develop and take place.

So, in 2005 US Congress passes a misconceived resolution in a sense memorializing breaking of immigration laws because accurate details of Korean and Korean American history were not the foundation of this resolution. They did it for money and votes not out of any respect of history. A lot of lies made this happen. A group of opportunistic individuals in the KA community from Hawaii to Washington DC pulled the wool over the eyes of numerous politicians from President Bush to power hungry LA City Council members. Korean American political office employees like Alexander Kim and Janny Kim were both informed about the illegal immigration issue. Since they were more interested in ego driven self advancement they ignored the truth that I personally explained to them at a dinner here at Susan's home. Recently, ignorant deceptive Korean American businessmen pulled the wool over New York politicians in 2014. The Korean Economic Institute of America based in NY should have more integrity and a better knowledge of history instead of using this day to inflate the egos of its members.

As you know, I am very opinionated and vocal about what I think about Korean and Korean American history, as well as deceptive opportunists. Most people do not know the extent of my experiences studying the wide variety of information forming my opinions. I'm preparing to launch a Dosan and Korean American history study program in the near future.

"History isn't history - unless it's the truth." Abe Lincoln. Dosan admired Lincoln.

Flip Cuddy