Dosan's Death Day | March 10

March 10 is Dosan's Death Day. He was killed by the Japanese. In 1937 the Japanese police arrested Dosan and jailed him at Sodaemun Prison in Seoul. They tortured him, as they had done many times before during his previous arrests. According to Dr. Won Tai Sohn the Japanese guards ground up glass and put it in Dosan's food to finish him off. Dosan already had internal health complications from torture. After Christmas of 1937 the Japanese realized Dosan was nearing death. They took him out of prison and put him in Seoul National Medical Hospital. The Japanese knew if Dosan died in prison that would spark patriotism and fuel anti-Japanese emotions among Koreans. He spent the last couple months of his life ailing and suffering. The Japanese would not let many people see him. They limited his visitors. Dosan finally died on March 10, 1938. After he died they buried him up in the hills of Mangwoori outside of Seoul where it was difficult for people to pay respects. The Japanese guarded the pathway to Dosan's grave.

From his early years to his last days he lived and died for Korea and its people. He loved Korea more than life and more then his family he left in California for the last time in 1926. He gave his all to be of service to Korean people and died for their Independence.

All people who have a drop of Korean blood no matter where they are were influenced and are influenced by Dosan's life. Without the sacrifice Dosan made to fight off Japanese plans to obliterate Korea - Korea and Koreans would not have its success as a nation today. All Koreans owe Dosan their respect forever.

Dosan was the most sincere Korean patriot. 

Flip Cuddy