Syngman Rhee - Korea's Power Hungry Dictator

Syngman Rhee

"Hundred Years War in Korea" is a recent Korean film I watched on Youtube about Collaborators and Resistance during the Japanese Occupation of Korea. The film's characterization of Syngman Rhee brought up the conflicting views of Rhee's role as a patriot or political gangster.  

This film confirmed my long time suspicion Rhee was a political gangster. From what I was told when I was growing up by some of my family, stories from people exposed to Rhee's corruption and through researching many accounts of Rhee's actions he could  be portrayed as a Godfather of organized criminals. He seemed to have ruled Korea with Mafia style politics and not the democratic ideals a sincere leader of the people would use.

Rhee has been bathed in glory as a supreme patriot by false facts from scholars who have manipulated history and presented bad information as the truth. How could people be so opportunistic at the expense of Korea's actual history? There are many historical records that present Rhee as a dishonest egocentric obstacle during the Independence Movement. For example, the collection of document images of an original United Korean Committee communication presents one of many historical records exposing the disruptive, shrewd and problematic character of Rhee. Hawaiian newspaers reveal Rhee was somewhat of a trouble making thug. Rhee was not the patriotic saint some people reported he was.

Lately, too many Korean government officials and money influenced historians are censoring history and whitewashing Rhee's past. The upcoming film should uncover some hidden stories and expose the truth about Rhee.  

"History isn't history unless it is the truth" - President Abraham Lincoln

Flip Cuddy