History of Dosan Park in Seoul, Korea


Yang Chu-eun came to Hawaii in 1903 and then to San Francisco in 1906 where he met Dosan. From that time he worked with Dosan and for Dosan's spirit after Dosan died. Yang lived to be over 100 years old. This picture is Yang Chu-eun visiting Dosan's grave in Mangwoori outside of Seoul in the 1960's. 

In 1938, Dosan was burried in the hills of Mangwoori far outside of Seoul by order of the Japanese Army. The Japanese did not want people to honor him. His remains were wrapped in the traditional hemp cloth before being placed in the new casket for moveing to Dosan Park memorial gravesite. This picture is Dosan's body exhumed from the Mangwoori gravesite in 1973. 

Bringing Dosan's casket down the mountainside in Mangwoori in 1973

old park signj.jpg

Opening Ceremony in November 10, 1973. 

November 1973 - Meeting President Park Chung Hee at the site of Dosan Park Dedication