This is a series of short YouTube clips about Dosan Ahn Chang Ho

 there are ten more clips in this series

도산 안창호 선생 손자 필립 안 커디 인터뷰 | Interview with Dosan's Grandson, Flip Cuddy

December 23, 2016

Article: News In Progress | 도산 안창호 선생 손자 필립 안 커디 씨 인터뷰 (Korean)   

Dosan LA Koreatown Mural

October 12, 2016

Inspired by the MBC Infinite Challenge Dosan Episode, Matt Kim of KORE and artist Joseph Lee merged paths to honor Dosan and Korean heritage and give Dosan's spirit to the community. Thanks to Mr. Kim at A1 Autobody for the canvas! The Dosan Mural is an amazing success based on sincerity, respect, and ability to do the right thing. Dosan Style! By young people, for young people. Thanks to ALL! Mural located on 1053 S. Vermont Ave. LA, CA 

Video: KORELIMITED | Dosan Ahn Changho Mural by Artist Joseph Lee

Video: LA 18 Prime News | 타운에 도산선생 벽화 (Korean)

Video: KBS America News | 도산의 정신을 이어받다 (Korean)

Article: Korean Herald | [John H. Cha] For the love of Dosan Ahn Chang-Ho (English) 

Article: Radio Korea News | LA한인타운 장식한 ‘도산 안창호’ 벽화 (Korean)

The mural 12 feet by 9 feet. 

Arirang TV: "Ahn Chang Ho: A Ray of Hope for Korea Under Japanese Occupation" (English) 

Very grateful for Arirang for producing this amazing clip.  

Video: Arirang TV | "Ahn Chang Ho: A Ray of Hope for Korea Under Japanese Occupation" (English)

In the Kimchi Jar (ITKJ) 1st Podcast: Who is Dosan Ahn Chang Ho? 

August 21, 2016 first podcast episode with Host Han Kim and Flip Cuddy son of Susan Ahn Cuddy and grandson of Dosan 

Dosan was one of the most influential leaders of the Korean Independence Movement. He traveled across the world to fight for Korea's freedom from the Imperial Japanese Occupation. He helped establish schools for better character development and helped Koreans around the world to organize for independence. Unfortunately his fight ended short unjustly being sent to and soon dying in prison.  

Join us for a unfiltered kimjang of history, please note foul language is used and editing quality is limited. So hopefully it comes out delicious. Hope you come back for some more.

Infinite Challenge: Dosan Episode | 무한도전: 도산 에피소드

August 20, 2016

Dosan's spirit and legacy got a huge boost in Korea. The Infinite Challenge: Dosan Episode included Dosan, a visit to the L.A. Korean National Association building, and Susan Ahn Cuddy's (Dosan's daughter) home. Many thanks to MBC and all the people who worked on this episode. Their respect for Dosan and his legacy is very meaningful. The show hosts are great people. The writers were so sincere in their efforts to present Dosan's true spirit. The support team and crew did a great amount of work behind the scenes. 

The episode had well over 7 million viewers for the original TV air date August 20th. MBC crew got Dosan to speak to the people he loved so much. or a short time, Dosan could travel the land from Korean home to Korean home giving everyone his sincere hope for Korea's best! He is Korea's most patriotic historical figure for both North and South. There is nobody who loved Korea more than Dosan. Thanks to ALL the viewers. 

Arirang TV | Spirit of Korea (EP.7) Kim Koo, Ahn Chang-ho

May 17, 2016

Remembering the 'Korean MLK' on Korean Independence Day

August 15, 2014

Article: KoreAm Journal | Remembering the 'Korean MLK' on Korean Independence Day (English)