Philip Ahn

Philip  Ahn was born March 29, 1905, in Highland Park, California. Philip Ahn, his Westernized name, was the first American citizen born of Korean parents in the United States. His parents--the great Korean patriot Dosan Ahn Chang Ho and his wife, Helen Lee, the second Korean woman to enter America--came to the United States in 1902. They were the first married couple to leave Korea and come to America. Philip was their first son. The Ahn family were pioneers in more ways than one.

Philip in many was as unique as his father. Like Dosan, he was a universal man. He was an artist, a diplomat, a businessman, a patriot, and a leader of his community. He was also the first Asian-American actor to receive a Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 14, 1984. Learn more at and Philip Ahn - IMDb